Dallas European Auto Sales in Plano, TX

    If you’re looking for the most reputable and affordable auto experts in the area, look no further than Dallas European Auto, specialists in both foreign and domestic cars.

    We are here to provide great service and exceed your expectations. Please call to schedule, we service all of our customers by Appointment Only.

    We take pride in servicing a variety of brands, including the following: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Smart Cars, Volkswagen. In addition, Dallas European Auto is an official RENNtech dealer, so we can help you not just with servicing many of these brands, but with their performance as well!

    From complex mechanical solutions to factory scheduled maintenance and performance issues, Dallas European Auto will make sure you’re where you belong – in the driver’s seat. Some of our award-winning services include the following:

    • Collision Repair – The proper repair of collision damage is critical to the performance and safety of your car. You can trust our certified technicians to repair your vehicle to factory specifications.
    • Maintenance Services – We rely heavily on our vehicles to get from point A to point B, so servicing your car regularly not only ensures optimal performance, but it also helps reduce the risk of a breakdown.
    • Performance-Related Services – The first step in diagnosing a performance issue is understanding the origination of the problem. Our experts know how to handle diagnostic issues, with or without indicator lights.

    We realize many people steer clear of needed maintenance and repairs because of sticker shock fears. You never have to worry about being taken for a “ride” at Dallas European Auto. We don’t offer services you don’t need, and we don’t price gouge. In fact, we are known for providing expert care at the most-affordable prices in the area. When we say we make sure our customers are informed about the entire process including labor costs from diagnosis to repair, we mean it.

    With a combined 40 years of experience and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we have built a stellar reputation for providing honest customer care with meticulous, expert service that goes the extra mile.

    Our expert technicians work overtime, providing top-notch service to protect your investment and exceed your expectations, every time. For superior service you can trust, schedule an appointment with Dallas European Auto today!